Time and Time is a software company that develops sensor-based solutions for consumers and consumer products.  Time and Time provides solutions that run on your mobile computers, PDA, mobile phones and other portable devices.  Using latest advances in sensor network research, Time and Time strives to make your life easier, fun and productive.

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New York Times article mentioning i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote on iPhone/iPod.

Check out a YouTube video uploaded by somebody we don't know. It's about our i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote on iPhone/iPod:


In order to control precisely enough the use of working time by employees, it is necessary to separate productive from unproductive activities and define the criteria by which human activity will be recorded at the computer. In addition to the obvious phenomena, such as delays and absences from work, we will consider the work of employees in programs and sites related to their tasks to be productive activity.

That is, entertainment sites, social networks, job search sites, watching movies and online games can be attributed to non-productive activity, and work in office applications, specialized programs - to productive activity.

It should be noted that for different specialists set of productive and unproductive software applications and sites may be different. For example, work in social networks for a marketer may be the main responsibility, and work not of an accountant in an accounting program may qualify as unproductive and even dangerous for the company. After configuring the configuration, which will specify which programs to consider productive, which are not, employee monitoring software collects statistics on the working time of each employee in a particular program. This approach allows you to determine with high precision the productivity of the company, departments and individual employees.